Things to Remember When Installing Home Video Surveillance.

The proliferation and availability of photo and video devices has led to the fact that we are under surveillance most of the time. Whether we like it or not, in a day we get to record hundreds of cameras: in transport, on the streets, at work,in a cafe or in a store. Almost every step is recorded - and this is being done for our safety.

Home video surveillance is also very popular. Parents remotely look after children, pets, supervise the work of the nanny and other household staff. On the one hand, it is very convenient: to always be aware of what is happening at home, on the other hand, it can cause some difficulties and even cause serious conflicts.

Things to Remember When Installing Home Video Surveillance

Covert video surveillance is prohibited (unless, of course, you are participating in the operation of the special services), so no cameras disguised as household items, toys, and the like! It is illegal to use them, buy them and sell them.

Your loved ones, household members, must be aware of the installation of video surveillance and must agree to it. You cannot film the private life of people against their will. Explain why these measures are needed, agree on how and when you will use video surveillance so as not to destroy trust in the family. It would be nice to warn guests that video surveillance is installed in your home, so that there are no misunderstandings.

If you rent out an apartment, house and would like to monitor the safety of your property, tenants must also be warned. And it is better to include this clause in the employment agreement, because an oral agreement in the event of a conflict will not play in your favor. It is worth discussing together in which zones the cameras will be located - so as not to violate the privacy of the residents' personal life. For example, in the hallway. You will be sure that your things cannot be taken out of the house, and the tenants will feel calm that you are not watching their intimate life.

You can be followed. But not everywhere

You need to be especially careful when observing domestic staff. Often, when hiring a nanny, housekeeper, nurse and other staff who does work directly at your home, the contract is not drawn up. To check the conscientiousness of the employee, many at the same time do not report that video surveillance is being conducted. It is not right. It is imperative to inform the employee that the record is being kept. And it is better to draw up an agreement and add this clause to avoid disagreements. Thus, you will increase the level of security and prevent possible violations. Your goal is not to catch the employee, but to exclude the possibility of incorrect behavior. Knowing that the recording is in progress, the nanny, housekeeper and other staff will not do something reprehensible.

Home video surveillance OnlineLime is a great way to quickly and easily increase the safety of your loved ones. A small video camera with sound recording function and IR illumination works over Wi-Fi and transmits data to the cloud storage. Video surveillance records are stored for 7 days - this is quite enough, for example, to find out if the child returned.from school on time or if the nanny follows the daily routine of the baby.

Complete with video surveillance from OnLime, you can assemble a "smart home" to be able not only to watch, but also to influence the situation remotely. Sensors for opening windows and doors, smoke and leakage sensors will inform you if problems happen when you are not at home.



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