Apple ranked the best apps of 2019.

Apple has summed up the past year and compiled a traditional list of the best mobile games and other applications for its devices. In 2019, the main selection criterion was the opportunity for self-expression - this principle can be traced in every winning application.

The Apple ecosystem already has smartphones and tablets, MacBooks and set-top boxes. And for each device, a special commission selected the best apps and games that "reflect the spirit of the times as much as possible and are at the intersection of digital and pop culture."

IPhone App of the Year : Specter Camera

This AI-powered app is built for long exposure in a smartphone. There used to be two ways to shoot long exposure on the iPhone. The first is with the Slow Shutter Cam, in which you can set a shutter speed of up to a minute and adjust the shooting mode depending on the task. However, to avoid glare, you need to shoot with a tripod. The second is shooting a scene with a Live Photo motion, and then editing it using standard iPhone tools (there is a mode called “long exposure”). In this way, you can shoot handheld, since the shutter speed appears already in the post-processing stage.

With the Specter Camera, there is a third method, which is also software-based, which means you can still shoot handheld. In Specter, the interval can be set to 3, 5 or 9 seconds, and the application takes many intermediate photos, and not one in the specified time, and at the end you choose the best shot from the footage. Specter Camera uses machine learning technology to provide stabilization that compensates for small hand movements during shooting and accurate scene recognition.

IPad App of the Year : Flow by Moleskine

Many people know about the super-convenient Moleskin notebooks, which conquered Western buyers long ago and reached Russia a few years ago. Recently, the Italian company Moleskine began to be active in the mobile applications market. And here's the result - her creation was in the next top from Apple.

Flow combines the functionality of two earlier Moleskine applications: Notes and Paper 53. Flow is an endless sheet on which you can draw by hand, create sketches, diagrams and even paintings. It is especially convenient to use it on the iPad when you don't have a sheet of paper and a pencil at hand. The application turned out to be intuitive, even a child can figure it out, and it also almost perfectly imitates the lines made with different drawing devices: graphite pencils, markers, etc.

Mac App of the Year: Affinity Publisher

It is professional software for publishers and editors, and a great source of inspiration for creative people. The app allows you to combine images, graphics and text in one project to create ready-to-publish layouts for magazines, books, brochures, posters, reports, letterheads and other documents.

In Affinity Publisher, the developers offer us convenient layouts and master pages, many tools for rendering text blocks (styles, drop caps, artistic text), tools for integrating raster and vector images from different sources into a project, plus tools for correcting them. Those looking for versatility will love the ability to import and export to popular image file formats: PSD, PDF, SVG, TIFF, and EPS.

Apple TV App of the Year : The Explorers

Not quite a traditional app without entertaining connotations. The Explorers is a set of tools for “taking stock” of our planet by adding photo and video materials to the database. The community, whose name is consonant with the application, can be joined by photographers and videographers, amateurs and professionals, scientists and representatives of various associations - in general, everyone who is not indifferent to nature.

Apple's Top Gaming Apps of the Year

Apple traditionally distinguishes gaming content in a separate category. And since games can be launched on all devices of the company, there are several winners in this category. The main trend in this niche is the resurgence of blockbusters. Indeed, this year we saw successful sequels to high-profile projects of the past: Minecraft, Pokemon, Assassin's Creed, Call of Duty. These are completely new products, made taking into account the tastes and needs of today's gamers who are demanding in terms of graphics, performance, and storyline.

iPhone: Sky: Children of the Light

An original multiplayer quest with an abstract storytelling story. The main characters are heavenly creatures who are trying to find their way home. The greatest interest here is not so much how they will do it (in this regard, the game is simple, albeit exciting, addictive), but the visual accompaniment, as well as the spiritual overtones of dialogues and actions. Get ready for the fact that during the quest you will be accompanied by fabulous landscapes, vivid examples of friendship and empathy, heartbreaking stories of heroes. The game turned out to be friendly in every sense. It will provide an exhilarating experience of interacting with other gamers and a pleasant aftertaste from the visual and sound range.

iPad : Hyper Light Drifter

The game may disappoint fans of fashionable realistic graphics: characters and landscapes are drawn in an ascetic style. Despite this, the developers managed to raise a large sum for its publication on Kickstarter, and later to appear with it in the list of the best mobile games for iPad tablets.

The main character of the game - a stalker - is looking for high-tech artifacts and sells them to merchants. There are a lot of artifacts, it is not easy to find them, and the task is complicated by the fact that there is a minimum of text in the game, and the necessary information is supplied drop by drop in the form of pictures. Prepare to find yourself among a huge variety of secret places and suspicious places, as well as an incredible, catchy soundtrack.

Mac : GRIS

In this graphics game , everything is exactly the opposite: it is stunningly beautiful thanks to its author's watercolor and pencil sketches. It differs from competitors by a unique visual style in which both the characters and the landscapes surrounding them are drawn. In the game, you have to immerse yourself in the fictional world of Gris (the main character), which is gradually changing, filled with new elements and literally “blooms”: filled with living colors. It is a little unusual that while traveling through the game, you will have to face Gris's depression, survive her crush, but the main thing is to find all the stars, the main resource of the game. Along the way, the main character will discover new talents, fight monsters and face incredible obstacles.

Apple TV: Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap

The legendary return of the classic game that was created under the Sega Master System did not go unnoticed by Apple. The game, of course, was adapted for new platforms, but the graphics were left almost unchanged. Wonder Boy is a story about a cursed knight who reincarnated as a large lizard. To return to his previous body, he needs to find an ancient talisman, and for this he will first have to pump key abilities and delve into the exploration of the city.

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