How the new iPhone set an anti-record.

If it seems to you that the excitement around each new iPhone subsides every year, then you do not think. Using the latter as an example, we will tell you what is wrong with the iPhone 11 line and why this time Apple set an anti-record in Russia.

Apple's latest squeak

The most powerful and fastest processor, a completely new dual camera and an even longer battery life - this is how the iPhone 11 is presented on the official website. The model replaced the iPhone XR and, along with the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max, was presented in September this year. ... Pre-order started a week later, followed by worldwide sales two days later.

Less interest, shorter queues

As you know, a queue in Russia is not just a queue, but a social phenomenon and an indicator of public interest in a product. The higher the interest, the longer the queue. In the case of Apple products, the phenomenon is also that people were ready to buy not only a gadget, but also a place in line for it. Until recently, this was actively used, first occupying and then reselling places. Prices for a place in the queue ranged from 150 to 400 thousand rubles, and this year they dropped sharply to 15 thousand, but even for such a “modest” fee, there were very few people who wanted to get to the coveted gadget among the first. No more than forty people came to the opening of the store, and the first buyer calmly bought an iPhone on pre-order.

The absence of queues was also influenced by the fact that there is no longer a need to go to Tverskaya for a new iPhone. Now new models are delivered to large hypermarkets almost simultaneously with the official store. The ability to book not only a gadget, but also the time to which you can get it, also had a beneficial effect on the lack of queues.

Of course, retailers continue to claim that the demand for new models is growing every year, but statistics suggest otherwise. Nobody else reports record sales, and the share of Apple sales in the total mass of gadgets is declining. Against the background of the fact that a few years ago people were ready to spend several hours in line in any weather and give an impressive amount to become the first owner of a fashionable gadget, we can safely say that the previous excitement around Apple is fading away.

The same iPhone , only the camera is scary

The company positions the latest model as "an improved version of the most popular smartphone", but buyers respond much more simply: "the same iPhone XS, only the camera is terrible." The design of the triple camera, inscribed in a square with rounded corners, has become a pretext for numerous memes, and some users either jokingly or seriously complain of aggravated attacks of trypophobia. Cluster hole fear is one of the least studied phobias, and there is no evidence that the iPhone 11 can actually cause it. However, scrupulous in terms of design, Steve Jobs, even in a nightmare, could not imagine that someday users would associate his brainchild with a mental disorder.

Unsurprisingly, experts are already making predictions about the design of the future iPhone. Their bold speculations about the likely similarities between the conventional iPhone 12 and the legendary iPhone 4 make sense. Reinforced glass on both sides and a metal frame with rounded edges made this model not only the most beautiful in Apple history, but also iconic so much that other manufacturers took it as a model for their smartphones. Isn't it time for Apple to be inspired by its own example?

An iPhone is fine, but what about making a call?

A rare update goes unnoticed by users, but iOS 13.1.2, designed to solve a number of system problems, on the contrary, caused a flurry of discontent among iPhone owners. Users complained about the lack of network signal, fast call drops or extraneous sounds during dialing, problems with connecting to Wi-Fi ... The update even affected the battery consumption - the battery began to drain too quickly.

Some experts advised to "fix" bugs by buying a newer iPhone, while others suggested not downloading the update until the company corrected all the flaws. But users were categorical: “We need a phone for work, not for show-off,” they said.

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The ruble price tag is ahead of the rest

Apple product pricing is unique in each country. Import duties, exchange rates and VAT affect the final consumer price. The rating of prices for the iPhone opens the United States. Buying an "apple" in native land is traditionally cheaper than elsewhere - $ 1449. And this is how the prices for the iPhone 11 Pro Max in the maximum configuration look for September 2019:

The same model is more expensive in Russia than elsewhere - $ 2053. It's even annoying that pricing is influenced not by purchasing power, but by the weak ruble exchange rate. It is doubly annoying that in India and China prices for iPhones have been reduced due to low sales just because the local market is promising for Apple, while the Russian market is not.

Is it worth overpaying?

Against the background of such comparative pricing, it will be even more annoying to learn about the cost of the latest model. It turns out that the cost of assembling the iPhone 11 Pro Max costs the company only $ 490.5. Of course, the calculation of the prime cost is given only taking into account the price of components, for example, the most expensive is a triple camera - $ 73.5. But even taking into account the additional costs of logistics and labor of workers, the three-fold markup does not seem fair.


Apple is losing ground not only in Russia but around the world. For example, the lack of 5G support has not been reflected in the best way on demand for the iPhone 11 in China. According to the most preliminary estimates, sales of the eleventh line of the iPhone are one third lower than their predecessors for the same period. Cyclical fluctuations, declining trend or calm before a new wave of excitement? We'll find out next year.



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